Success Is a JOURNEY, Not a Distination!

We are not a business. We are a TEAM!, Our team has been born after many years of experience in development!

JOURNEY for Software Solutions (J4SS) cares about the Software development processes and the ease of information delivery to the Customers. We provide an application customized to suit your needs in all market directions and forcasting to approach your business goal and achieve the high performance.

JOURNEY for Software Solutions (J4SS) was founded in Cairo in 2007. Specialising in computer system software development, we now offer a bespoke software solution in Egypt wide, with clients both locally and nationally.!

Web & Application Development

We are an Egyptian based independent software business, driven by the belief that a good IT system should not only make your life easier but it should also make you money. We also believe that businesses today need rapid affordable IT solutions that harness the power of the latest technology.

What is Bespoke or Custom software?

Bespoke or custom software is software written for a specific organisation or function. Off the shelf solutions are designed with mass market appeal. This approach, whilst profitable for the software manufactures often does not suit the function of the company purchasing the software.
Bespoke software allows an organisation to design every function of the software, so that you can use the software with maximum efficiency.
People often view custom solutions as expensive; however they almost always provide much more efficiency than an off the shelf version and we have even heard of cases where moving from an off the shelf solution has freed up an entire member of staff to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Database Design and Development Give Data the attention it deserves!

Quaility and security of data can be the difference between success or failure of a business. We understand this and that is why your data deserves the best.
JOURNEY for Software Solutions (J4SS) has a proven track record in providing quality, database design and development solutions. From creating a bespoke database solution to comprehensive database management, we can make your data work for you.
We approach database development projects as with all of our projects without preconceived ideas and recommend the most appropriate solution for your needs. With clients of all sizes we are able to provide a dynamic solution for now and in the future.
Often data based projects are more that just the data itself. We are able to provide all the skills to create a complete bespoke solution.

Advance Your Business!

Companies today are demanding that IT solutions support real-world business goals. Software has evolved beyond just helping people create documents and read e-mail messages. Software now connects people with the information and and business processes needed to make better decisions. From the back-end infrastructure to the end-user tools, software is the key to empowering people to drive business outcomes

Your data is your most valuable asset. Utilising the power of Microsoft SQL databases allows us to manipulate and query large amounts of data. Custom database developments allow us to ensure the highest levels of security, reliability, and scalability for your business-critical applications. Your data is so valuable - give it the attention it deserves!

We Work For You ...

What kind of applications infrastructure do you need to create People-Ready solutions for your business? The infrastructure needs to be flexible, connected, and able to evolve with your business needs. That’s easy to say, but harder to achieve. Why? ...

Because there are times when an ASP.NET web based application does not meet your needs If you need a desktop solution we can provide this for you. We use the power of Microsoft .NET to give you the solution you want.

Do not worry about which solution is best for you, as we will always work with you to develop the best solution for your business. Having a bespoke piece of software written especially for you and your business is one way to stay ahead of the competition.

Why Clients Choose Us?

For many years, business applications were written as rigidly coded units that were self-contained and, in many cases, inflexible and closed. Today, the reality is that most companies utilize a variety of different systems across their business areas.

Often hundreds of downstream applications are built on top of these major systems. The key is to connect the applications together in ways that support the required business scenarios – through service orientation and the mapping of core business processes.

This will then help that the right information reaches the right people at the right time, through connected systems that are able to span the entire company.